Ladies First

We lack sporting culture in India as compared to Europe or America. In Rio Olympics our performance was not good. At that time ( read it in that context) i wrote about this in my blog Mirror on Tumblr. In this i pointed out the reasons responsible for this devastating performance. Have a look –

Ladies First may be in courtsey or in respect of women, but in a way in Rio Olympics it proved true. Sakhshi Malik, an unheard grappler from Haryana gave a gift to the nation by winning a bronze medal in 58 kg. free style wrestling. Then came P.V. Sindhu the ace shuttler. She won silver medal in badminton.

Despite the stirring performance of these two ladies the Rio Olympics have been a disappointment for the country of 1 billion people.

No appetite for medals

Now the question is that after spending crores of rupees there seems no appetite in the players to win a Gold Medal or there is something wrong in the system.Do we need to change the system or we lack a long term vision.Or it is because of the involvement of politicians in the sport arena.

After Karnam Malleswari (Weight Lifting), Mary kom (Boxing) and Saina Nehwal (Badminton) Shakshi became the  fourth women to win a medal in Olympic.

The politicians in sports arena

First take a look at the role of the politicians. In December 2013 the Supreme court in an observation said politicians and businessman heading sports bodies in India was causing harm and it was high time that they make way for sports persons.

The observation came while the court expressed concern over the standard of Hockey falling to an ‘abysmal low’ level in the country. A bench comprising justices T. S. Thakur and J. Chelameshwar said – it is a sad commentary that people who are administrators of the game had nothing to do with sports and they run the bodies at the cost of game. Sports are run by private individual persons. Private individuals are controlling the game in India. Can the game be held hostage by private interest? This is why hockey has come down and the team is struggling to qualifying for the Olympics where we used to win gold medals.

Now take a look at the politicians in sport bodies – Narendra Modi was the president of Gujarat Cricket Association.  Arun Jaitly the BJP veteran has ruled for almost a decade in the Delhi and District Cricket Association.Anurag Thakur bjp leader and MP is the president of the BCCI. Farooq Abdullah was in the Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association. congress leader C.P. Joshi was in the Rajasthan Cricket Association and Rajeev Shukla was in the Indian premier league. Abhay Chautala is in boxing and Ajay Chautala is in Table Tennis. Vijay Kumar Malhotra was archery association president.

Now the question is what the politician are doing in sports. Politicians should confine themselves to politics.  The politicians have not done well and the result is zero.  Do they have the knowledge of sports?

Responsible should be held accountable

The sports association be held accountable for the performance. The coaches need to be made accountable. But before it they need to be supported by resources. Well paid coaches make it easier for them to sport and groom talent. But we need a long term plan and vision for it.

We lack sport culture

We do not have a sporting culture in comparison to Europe and America.  People are not aware about sport. This is a fact that we do not know a lot about sports. India hosted commonwealth games in 2010. We need more international events in India. The parents are now encouraging children to take sports but we need to identify the talent at the young age.

We have the talent, brains and the manpower. We can send rockets to Space and Moon but we can’t get medals.  So we need to look in to it.

For the Olympics we started preparing two years in advance but got only two medals.The Indian contingent of 118 players landed in Rio with the target of 20 medels.In 2009 the sports ministry pointed 7 games in which India was hopeful of winning medels. They are athletics, archery, badminton, boxing, weight lifting, wrestling, and shooting.  Later hockey and tennis were also added.

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