Death is inevitable. It comes to all. Death is a riddle. Nobody knows seconds before when death will attack. So, here are the three real stories of death.

Story 1 The Tank of Death
Place – Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Eight year old boy enters into the septic tank to bring out a bucket which has fallen in the tank in his house. Because of poisonous gas inside the tank he could not come out on his own. He cries for help. His elder brother comes for help and jumps into the septic tank.

He helps his brother by pushing him upwards. Any how the younger brother comes out of the tank. Now the elder brother is inside the tank. The poisonous gas acts badly and he faints. Listening the cries parents come out for their help.

First their father places a ladder into the tank. With the help of the ladder he enters the tank to bring out his son who has fainted. The gas in the tank has a strong effect and he also becomes inactive. Seeing this his wife and the mother of the two children jumps into the tank.The family cries for help and their neighbors come running for their rescue. Husband-wife and their 16 year old son jump one by one into tank.

In between many people gather there. They call police. Any how the five people are taken to the hospital. Except the father doctor declares them being brought dead. Now the thing is that seven people enter the tank and the boy who entered first in the tank and his father are left behind. Rest all Are dead.

Story 2 Double Attack
Place Sojat, Pali (Rajasthan)

On the national highway driver and the helper of a trola are changing the tyre. Another trola coming very fast suddenly hits the driver changing the tyre. The hitting trola leaves the driver lying on the road in the pool of blood. A van coming behind the trola rams on the body lying on the road. The driver loses control and the van after hitting a pedestrian turns turtle. The pedestrian dies on the spot. Five people are in the van and none of them is injured.

Story 3 Well of Death
Place Sojat, Pali (Rajasthan)

A man standing on a dry well loses balance and falls into it. A 70 year old rescue expert is being called in for help. The old man on a cot tied with ropes goes down into the deep dry well. After taking the injured man on the cot they are pulled upwards. Coming on the wall of the well the injured man jumps from the cot, and by doing this the cot bends downwards and with a jerk the old man falls into the well. He dies on the spot.


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