Black Diwali

This was not a ‘Happy Diwali’ for Ninder’s hundreds of farmers.1350 farmers celebrated Diwali sitting or to say burying themselves in the ground. Out of these 1350 farmers 800 were women. The farmers lit ‘diyas’ in front of there pits. These farmers have termed it as “zameen samadhi”. The protest has been going on round-the-clock for past 19 days.
Though the farmers have been protesting by burying themselves neck-deep in the ground, as the Rajasthan government appears in no mood to accept their demand to de-acquire their farming land.

What the matter is

The  jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has acquired nearly 1,350-bigha agriculture land to develop a housing project. The JDA has proposed the city’s second largest residential scheme over 1350 bighas at Ninder near the Jaipur-Sikar highway. Nearly 1,100 of the 1350-bigha is to be acquired from private holders. Of this, 800-bighas are fields of local farmers.

What the farmers say

Farmers are opposing the government’s move. The say that the government should acquire land of farmers as per the new Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act. It’s clearly mentioned, that government cannot acquire land, if consent from 80% farmers is not given. Also, government is not providing any compensation to the farmers.
The state government has shown insensitive behaviour towards farmers who are fighting for their livelihood.

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