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Hello everyone! I am back here. Though it was a pause, but i found myself missing blogging. Though i will not be too active again but will try to be.

It has been a busy year, busy months, busy fortnights and busy weeks. And it happens. This is life. Though sometimes unwanted, you have to accept it, love it and to live with it. You can’t run but you have to be running or to say on run. When you are tired you are tired mentally too. And you are not going to get a lifetime achievement award for this.

We can understand this by a ghazal written by famous scholar Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Zauq –

Laayi hayat aaye, Qaza le chali chale
Apni khushi na aye, na apni khushi chale

Means, we came into this world and we will die also. But nothing is in our control. It is all about destiny.

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